Hunt For Europe

Hunt for Europe 2.0

Newsletter no. 2

The project is funded by the “ERASMUS +” programme and seven international partners: EnAIP Piemonte (Italy), LudusXR (Denmark), Die Berater (Austria), Wisamar (Germany), Centre 4 Education (Spain), Vardakeios School of Hermoupolis (Greece), and MTU (Ireland).

It’s a mix of learning the language and aspects of everyday life, customs and traditions of a foreign country, with a view of total integration; the most important objective of the project.

A hands-on platform with languages on hand!

Are you a student?

Learning a new language can be fun.

Visit the HFE platform from your mobile or desktop and discover a large variety of material such as:

  • Videos integrating listening, speaking (through an advanced speech recognition machine), reading exercises allocated in chapters and lessons according to specific grammatical phenomena.

  • Cultural information about the history, geography, habits, customs, politics and religious aspects of the country where the language is spoken.

  • 3D interactive video games for 2 players to test playfully with a classmate or friend to collectively gain knowledge from the language material.

Are you a teacher?

Use all the above learning possibilities for your students inside the classroom as complementary resources to make your curriculum more interactive and playful.

Listen, speak, interact, improve!

The platform is easy to use, and suitable for both self-study and interaction in class. Users can learn at their own pace, defining the time and activities to complete. Users can not only practice pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary but also listen to dialogues and discover interesting facts about foreign cultures. The platform is a beneficial tool for teachers too, as they can use it in the class to introduce a topic, train on specific issues, and give consideration to cultural aspects. It encourages participation and interaction among students, who can exchange opinions concerning the story, try to guess what will happen in the following lesson, and utilize the in-game dialogues for role-playing exercises in the class. Users can play to improve their knowledge and challenge each other with new exercises.

Users can do it by themselves if they are more comfortable without supervision as the platform has a dynamic and modern approach, integrated in virtual environments.

How is the platform used?

Both the E-learning System and the Simulated Game Environments have been intentionally designed with “ease of use” in mind. The games themselves are a downloadable file that is installed on your computer no different than you would install any file. In the game, we have created a TUTORIAL LEVEL which will familiarize the players with all the different controls available to navigate and engage with the virtual surroundings. We have designed the games so that they correspond to mainstream game implementation, meaning you use the mouse to look around and either the arrow keys, or the traditional WASD keys, to move around the environment.

In addition, we have on-screen menus that inform the users which keys they need to press to chat with the other player or to see the inventory that they are carrying. Similarly, the E-learning System is created so it follows a linear progression style through iconography which was developed to, hopefully, make the potential interactions easy to understand.

How to access?

The E-learning system and the Single-player version of the game is already available. For a demo of the multiplayer game, please contact: or your local partner. The multiplayer will officially be available come October 2022.

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