Hunt For Europe

Hunt for Europe 2.0

Final Conference Turin 2022

Celebrating the culmination of our journey, the Final Conference held in September 2022 was a remarkable event. Here, we shared the comprehensive agendas, enlightening presentations, and captivating demo videos from our partner countries.

For those who want to relive the highlights or missed out on the event, we invite you to explore the materials and demo videos down below. Dive into the agenda for the day and immerse yourself in the knowledge and insights shared during this significant gathering.





I CPIA del Piemonte: l’alfabetizzazione come intreccio di linguaggi

INNOVAZIONE DIDATTICA – Approcci pedagogici, tecnologie e nuovi spazi

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Future-ready TVET services 

Demo videos from the Partners

Demo by the Irish Team

Demo by the German Team

Demo by the Spanish Team

Demo by the Italien Team

Teacher Training Event

HFE 2.0 – LTTA 25.05.2022 AGENDA

PURPOSE: Hunt for Europe is a language & culture learning application consisting of an e-learning system which utilizes Artificial Intelligence and language specific 3D games, or simulation environments, were you have to work together with another player to solve mysteries and also verbally interact with Non-Player Characters via Speech Recognition. The purpose of the LTTA is to introduce and test the platform.

Partnered Activity: During the Hands-on sessions, teachers from the individual partners team up and play together. They can take turns playing and helping each other out with everything. HFE/LudusXR partners can be allocated to each individual group to assist with explanations and troubleshooting.

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