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Hunt for Europe 2.0

Newsletter no. 3

The project is funded by the “ERASMUS +” programme and seven international partners: EnAIP Piemonte (Italy), LudusXR (Denmark), Die Berater (Austria), Wisamar (Germany), Centre 4 Education (Spain), Vardakeios School of Hermoupolis (Greece), and MTU (Ireland).

It’s a mix of learning the language and aspects of everyday life, customs and traditions of a foreign country, with a view of total integration; the most important objective of the project.


On the Development side all 3D environments are now done. We have finalized our game of Hunt for Europe Jeopardy as well as the EU Parliament “HUB”, which is where all the players that want to join the multiplayer games will meet and choose a language to learn. We have also, on top of everything else, managed to create a MAZE where the players have to cooperate with each other to finish the game itself.

We are indeed VERY excited about putting all the individual pieces together into one build and having it all tested.



Young people from around Europe explored HFE2 linguistic capacities in the Greek Multiplier Event held by Vardakeios School

20 High School students from Greece, Poland, Portugal and France together with their teachers attended on Monday the 13th of June our Multiplier Event at Vardakeios School. They had the chance to explore the interactive Hunt for Europe 2.0 language platform through their mobiles and to have an idea of the 3D language game for 2 players which will be fully ready in September. They have set their minds to learn one more language through the HFE platform and to pass the information to their classmates back home. Stay tuned! Μore HFE multipliers will follow from the other partners.


On 29th June we were in Felanitx at the Sant Alfons secondary and VET school to hold our Multiplier Event. All teachers discovered a new way to learn a new language through gaming. They learned how to use the e-learning platform and also they found themselves very interested in the 3D Game. Now they will wait for the game to be available to use and put it into practice with the students.


Here is the program of the final conference which will take place in Turin on September 15th

Learn together – play a part

Multiplier language acquisition
Moderates Francesca Costero – Social Cohesion and Cooperation Manager EnAIP Piemonte

13:30 Welcome by Roberto Santoro – EnAIP Piemonte President

13:45 Erasmus+ and EPALE for the creation of inclusive lifelong learning paths by EPALE support unit – INDIRE*

14:00 L2 and didactic innovation in the CPIAs of Piedmont – Antonietta Centolanze USR per il Piemonte – Ministry Office for Adult Education

14:20 Didactic innovation: pedagogical approaches, technologies, and new spaces – Alessia Messuti – Learning Innovation Programme Officer at ITCILO

14:40 Overall presentation of the project – Kristin Brogan & Eugene Guiney Munster Technological University (MTU)

15:00 Learning Language & Culture through Artificial Intelligence and Social Gaming – Thomas Hansen & Rene Bigum LudusXR

16:15 Let the project speak! -Project Partners and participants in the project activities talk about their experience

16:35 The future is blended – Lifelong learning and a systemic digital transformation – Stefano Merante – Skills Development / TVET Programme Officer at ITCILO

17:00 Conclusions and future prospects by Roberto Santoro – EnAIP Piemonte President

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