Hunt For Europe

Hunt for Europe 2.1 - French

Final Webinar 2023

Celebrating the culmination of our journey, the Final Webinar held in November 2023 was a remarkable event. Here, we shared the comprehensive agendas, enlightening presentations, and captivating demo videos.

For those who want to relive the highlights or missed out on the webinar, we invite you to explore the materials and demo videos down below. Dive into the agenda for the day and immerse yourself in the knowledge and insights shared during this significant gathering.





Pistes Solidaires – Linguistic and cultural approach

Demo videos from the Partners

Demo by the Danish Team

Play the game and learn french today!

The game you’ve been waiting for is finally here! “Hunt for Europe 2.1 – French” is now up and running, ready for you to jump right in and start having fun while learning French.

You’ve seen some teasers, checked out the gameplay, and now it’s time to get your hands on the real deal. Don’t waste any more time – the game is calling your name!

Click the link below to start playing today:

Play Hunt for Europe 2.1 – French

Get ready to level up your French skills while having a blast!

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